Cube Arena


Minecraft turned into a shooter game


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Cube Arena is a first person shooter game that uses many of the elements which have made Minecraft and other role playing games so popular to create a completely different kind of experience in which combat becomes the main focus.

In single player mode you can create a world and a character (which you can name whatever you want) and then immerse yourself in the adventure. In this game mode you have an inventory with which to manage all of your objects; as well as a character sheet with different attributes that can alter your skills.

The game's attributes can be uploaded by accepting NPC missions, which usually imply killing a series of enemies, which are randomly strewn about the map. The killing mechanism is identical to what you would find on any first person shooter.

Apart from the single player mode, Cube Arena comes with a multiplayer mode so you can shoot at other users over the internet. Data required to access the game's server can be found on the application's official website.

Cube Arena is a first person shooter game with traces of role playing that is very fun. It also includes a tool that lets you design your own models to then insert them into the game.
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